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Timeless Luxury

Welcome to Avery Verse™. Here, we offer timeless, luxurious, and eco-friendly designer bags online. Our handbags blend your desire for style with the need for practicality. Our name, Avery Verse, comes from ‘Avery’, meaning ‘wise’, and ‘Verse’ like poetry. We aim to capture this spirit in our designer handbags revelling in styles that are crafted to live above fashion trends like true art.

Our sophisticated yet down-to-earth brand reflects the dual challenges many modern women face. Juggling a career with your personal life all while trying to keep your dignity can be demanding. Our designer handbags aim to make things that little bit easier. Using ethical means of manufacture and eco-friendly materials, we are directed by a moral compass, to ensure you get the best in style and ethics.

A key focus for us is the longevity of our luxury bags. We achieve this through a timeless aesthetic composed of colours and shapes which never go out of fashion. Our exemplary craftsmanship ensures that these are investment bags that can stun for years to come.

The Avery Verse Avery Tote Bag in Tan US Vegetable Tanned Leather

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Social & Eco Friendly

Our designer handbags have been hand-crafted from full grain Italian vegetable tanned leather. This time-consuming method, which involves soaking leather for up to sixty days in water full of organic material, has been used for millenia and creates an exceptional, eco-friendly finish. We also contribute 10% of our profits from every bag sold to charities to further advance the cause of environmental sustainability. You get a handcrafted luxury bag, lives are changed for the better and the Earth is nurtured as well. That's a win-win!                              

The Avery Verse Belmore Shoulder Bag in Dark Chocolate Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather

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