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About Avery Verse

Here at Avery Verse, we seek to create the perfect balance of elegance, practicality and luxury.

Our bags are designed for those looking to play hard, go to work and pick up the kids without missing a beat. These are bags for the woman with more going on in her life than ever before, the woman who needs something that’s both dependable and attractive.


Avery Verse was founded by an Australian husband and wife team, Taylor and Christie Cook. Their shared passion for entrepreneurship and fashion merged seamlessly. Then the next, and hardest, step was starting. Avery Verse was built during late nights and weekends, finding time where they could between day jobs and family. It was funded by selling their family home and was a risk they were excited to take.

Environmentally Friendly

All our luxury bags are hand made from Italian vegetable tanned leather – this process of vegetable tanning leather has been around for millennia and has continually been practiced because of its beautiful, high quality finish.

Unlike most products on the market, Italian vegetable tanned leather does not produce harmful, carcinogenic and environmentally damaging emissions during manufacture. It’s without a doubt the safest and most environmentally friendly means of tanning leather. This process also requires a higher degree of craftsmanship than other types of leather which means that you’re getting the very best in both design and manufacturing.

Profits from every bag sold will go towards social and environmental initiatives. We want to create a win-win for the economy and the environment. As such, we are continually working to provide value and quality to our customers while maintaining respect for the natural environment.


All Avery Verse bags are hand crafted by artisans. This ensures the finished product is of the highest calibre. As the leather is vegetable tanned, it is highly durable and when taken care of, can last a lifetime. This is so important as we seek to produce timeless luxury bags that won't become irrelevant in a few years. 

This pursuit of timelessness also informs the colours we use. All our bags are made from colours that won't go out of fashion. This ensures your purchase today will be an accessory you can use regardless of where fashion trends move.


Our range of luxury Italian leather bags can be found here. We do hope you enjoy your time with us and please join our newsletter so you can get exclusive access to all things Avery Verse.


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