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5 Benefits of Olive Tanned Leather

We at Avery Verse are big fans of vegetable tanned leather, however it does have one weakness - colour range. You just can’t get the kind of light colours that are great for summer. Now that's okay when our focus is on timelessness and generally speaking darker, warm earth colours are what we know to be timeless and elegant. But at the same time, there’s always going to be at least a few summer months on earth. So what about a few timeless, brighter coloured bags for those days?

That’s where olive tanned leather comes in. This is still a naturally tanned leather however the dye process comes from olive leaf extracts and the result is a more diverse range of lighter colours! Perfect, right? We’re pleased to have found it and proud to be in a position where we can move to create a new range of eco-friendly luxury leather bags. 

This should be a great win for our customers as they'll soon get access to a larger range of colours without sacrificing timelessnes, quality or the environment. Win-Win! 

The Five Benefits

It’s Innovative.

Olive tanned leather was developed in the early 21st century making it an advanced technology for leather tanning. This is especially important when you consider that vegetable tanning is an ancient process. Therefore while it does do right by the environment, it is a lot slower to produce. In contrast, mineral tanning is a 20th century product, thanks largely to the industrial revolution, and is therefore quick but dirty. Olive tanning then presents the next and more complete incarnation of this process.

Diverse Colour Range.

We’ve already mentioned this, but I’m still going to reiterate it. The previous options for an eco-friendly leather was warm, earthy colours not bright ones. Olive tanning changes that. We can produce bags in whites, light blues or greens, gorgeous pumpkin colours and more. This range allows us the luxury to reach a wider market of what is timeless without selling out the environment.


Luxury isn’t luxury if everyone else is doing it. If 90% of luxury brands use chromium tanning and 10% use vegetable tanning, what of olive tanned leather? This is a great benefit to customers as they’re no longer getting that same old same old leather, but rather something refreshing and luxurious.

Completely Harmless.

This is a huge deal! Across the entire value chain olive tanned leather is harmless to the environment and to people. Now vegetable tanned leather enjoys this same benefit but it never hurts to remember that the leather you own isn’t causing any human or environmental damage. 


The olive leaves used for olive tanned leather come from olive farmers in Europe who have no need for them. This means that rather than rubbishing the leaves or burning them off, they can be utilised in a manner that benefits the world.

Furthermore, as society becomes more and more conscious of environmental dangers there could be a genuine move to ban the toxic chemicals used to prepare chromium tanned leather. This would dramatically shake up supply chains for many large companies. Given that olive tanned leather is cradle to cradle, there is an assurance that it will remain in use as it is both safe and high end.

Those are just a few quick benefits that I’ve seen with olive tanned leather. It was a great discovery that’s made everyone at Avery Verse a bit more joyful and should make for a wonderful compliment alongside of vegetable tanned leather.

In our recent editorial with The Green Hub we touched on our journey to redefine luxury and become a brand that has all the trappings of high end couture, without the dark underside many try to so hard to hide. This is a great read for anyone who wants to understand a bit more about Avery Verse and where we stand.

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