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A Synergy Of Man and Woman: The Avery Verse Approach To Business

There has been much animosity between the sexes in the pursuit of equality. 

The natural response to the pain of generations of inequality has been to fight and condemn anything that might reflect an assault on the righteous journey that women undertake to an equitable society. In the same breath, the wrong response, the response that defeats the purpose and sullies the warriors, is when everything devolves into a women are superior to men mantra that is untrue and counterproductive.

This is where Avery Verse aims to be uniquely and passionately out-spoken. Born from a husband and wife team the entire company cannot exist without both a masculine and feminine perspective. It is not that one is superior to the other, but rather that each has strengths which compliment the others strengths and (mercifully) compensates for weaknesses. This is the beauty of a union between men and women and it is done in an equitable setting.

Central to this equality is of course respect, dignity and an awareness about one another’s abilities.

It is a great travesty when our culture can’t help but perpetuate ridiculous images like the doofus husband or trashy model stereotypes in media rather than forcefully working to produce new, more inclusive, but also more honest depictions of humanity.

An example that arises for Avery Verse is that we don’t use models. Statistically, models improve the effectiveness of marketing and so to not use them would essentially be business suicide. But we have a standard and don’t intend on falling beneath it and so choose not to use models for the sake of respect and inclusiveness to all women.

This is a specific example that reflects our wider approach to business and fashion. A synergy of different perspectives, genders and attitudes to produce something more vibrant, engaging and life-changing. Think of the wonder of a rainbow versus a single block colour. One alone is not bad, but many combined perfectly is brilliant.

In one breath you could say we’re rather conservative given our preference for timeless colours, in another progressive given our staunch support for fashion being used to express female dignity rather than just something fashionable. The beauty is in the combination of the two that reveals something more complex and free from binary thinking.

Beyond the philosophical, we believe this approach would dramatically affect issues such as the gender pay gap.

When one can see that the combination of genders (and races) will produce a richer product, it would be incentivised with a pay structure that encouraged diversity. This would also be done not just for political correctness sake but from a passionate desire to produce an eco-system of different, but complimentary, perspectives to create a richer product and culture.

Nelson Mandela is a highly praised statesman in our office for his incredible ability (alongside of many others in South Africa) to balance out differing groups and perspectives that fought apartheid. Some valued an African only South Africa, others a communist South Africa, but he worked to create a multi-racial, African-style capitalist South Africa where equality and respect for all views was considered. 

His autobiography A Long Walk To Freedom is a highly recommended book for anyone not just because he’s a great storyteller but also because there are valuable principles for all people to use who are considerate of creating a richer, healthier, diverse world in their own life and community.

By embracing this world view and vigorously working towards it in small and big ways, a new and better world can be built. 

As we’ve said before, our goal is the complete, irrevocable change of the fashion industry and we believe this is a key part of that process.


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