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We Love Art Deco Handbags

There is something so perfect, so beautiful and so right about an art deco handbag. I could stare at pictures of them all day, every day, until I pass out...

Art deco is the period most notably from 1925 to 1940 and as you can tell from my initial statements; it's fantastic

A few of the cheif design elements to an art deco bag include:

  • smooth lines
  • geometic shapes 
  • intense colours
  • expensive materials
  • flora and fauna motifs
  • patterns
  • theatricality!

Art deco was in many ways a response to the austerity of World War 1 so it's unsurprising then that it dominated the period between the World Wars and promptly fell out of favour as the Great Depression ate into morale. 

You can see our richly curated art deco Pinterest board for a range of bags to admire. If your tastes are like mine, you may find yourself overwhelmed by their artistry. The extravagance and elegance is such a brilliant combination as it is at once alluring and loud, yet gentle and pleasant. This to me is a statement that sums up the fashion of the 20s and 30s.

Art deco bags stand out as a fine example of timeless fashion. The designs have a personality to them that lends itself towards use and reuse regardless of the decades passing trends. The other element that is particularly captivating about art deco bags is the presence of conflicting design features working perfectly. Beads are not often envisaged alongside of elegantly crafted metal. Yet the two work together. That is an inspired design choice and one that we admire greatly.

Alongside of this, art deco as a design concept was embraced throughout the world proving that it taps into a sensibility which is appreciated by the human soul, not just a cultural milieu. How's that for a statement! 

Our interest in art deco design extends beyond simple love though.

Fast fashion is the root of many evils in the fashion industry. It encourages corner cutting and an unethicality needed to produce a mediocre product at a rapid pace. This problem arose in the art deco period as well as over time there was a move from quality materials towards cheaper ones like plastic and synthetics. Yet what remains of art deco fashion in the world today is the metal, chrome and glass designs that were produced with quality in mind.

Quality products are always loved and admired decade after decade. Why wouldn't you want that over a short term spike in profits?

On the business front, we may indulge in our love of art deco design with a range of bags in the same vein. How could we pass up the chance to add our own spin on this already amazing style. Perhaps for the exclusive range...


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