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Avery Verse Partners with Femeconomy for An Equal Tomorrow

It's with much pleasure that we announce our partnership with Femeconomy, an online business directory, highlighting those enterprises that are 50% owned by women or have women accounting for 30% of the board of directors of an organisation. This is an exciting new move for Avery Verse in our efforts as a social enterprise to create win-wins that transform society.

Femeconomy is built on the powerful understanding that women, who are the dominant decision makers regarding purchases, can bring about radical change in the move towards equality in business, by supporting those brands who empower rather than restrain women in business. When you realise that women make over 85% of the purchasing decisions you discover that the power is yours to shape the world.

The logic is excellent and the goal is a very noble one as a more equitible and just world is a better one for us and our children to live and thrive in. If you'd like to find out more about Femeconomy and join in the movement visit and if you know of a business that fits the criteria spread the word. Together we can make great change.


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