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Avery Verse's Luxury Leather Bags on Modern Living with Kathy Ireland

Next week marks our very exciting shoot on Modern Living with Kathy Ireland. We’ll be taking plenty of photos for our Instagram account so stay on top of that to see behind the scenes shots. It’s our special gift to get you into that world of TV production. 

It’ll be a wonderful experience and one that we’ve been anticipating for months now. The actual show won’t air for another few months after we film everything and that just adds to the excitement!

The entire Modern Living team have been brilliant. They’ve handled timezone differences with ease and made everything flow so that it promises to be a great trip.

Now the program is informational so it isn’t going to be like a commercial where someone’s relentlessly selling. And I think everyone watching will appreciate that. It makes for something interesting and worth engaging with as opposed to the kind of television you change channels on.

We’ve also got a great advocate named Colette Byfield who has graciously agreed to shoot a testimonial for us. She is one of the earliest owners of the Sublime handbag in purple (our current bestseller) and is based in New York.

We’re ever so grateful for her help and are overjoyed that she’s had such a positive experience with us that she’d go in front of a camera and talk about it. She’s a published author, screenwriter and all around great lady and we recommend visiting her Instagram or Twitter account to get to know her.

Communicating with customers is a high focus of ours as we believe the luxury industry broadly lacks that drive to envelop you in a welcoming and joyful manner. I believe this is in part because of that European influence I’ve written about previously. In the end, you want to feel special when buying luxury and that is best delivered with attention. 

Just ask any couple on Earth. :)

This will also mark the first time Christie and I have done a live TV interview. It can almost make you nervous thinking about it, but we’ve had some experience in the past in front of a camera or on a stage, so we should hold up all right.

Fortunately, as well, Kathy Ireland has received many glowing endorsements for her ability to keep guests calm in an unusual environment.

Alongside of this, you’ll be pleased to know our new designer boxes are coming together brilliantly! This will make the experience of receiving a bag all the more enticing because every element adds to that special joy that buying luxury should evoke. 

This is our other great passion. To provide for you a luxury experience that is second to none, and hits all the right notes. Not just a good bag, or a good box, or a high end brand. But also great customer service and even personal recognition as a model in your own right. Everyone is beautiful and everyone can be included in being seen for their beauty.

It’s our job to create accessories to help elevate your outfit and empower you. That’s how fashion can be fulfilling and fun.

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