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What Sound Best Describes You?

As nice as the photos of our bags are, we can’t help feel the experience is inadequate. At the same time, we like knowing that anyone, anywhere can engage with our products rather than restricting our clientele to those near a shopfront - so we stay exclusively online.

Now while our Virtual Reality plans are percolating for the future, we thought we’d create a musical description for each bag to express the feeling that they have.


Atmospherically beautiful like a background choir providing a smooth and rich emotive soundtrack to the mood of your day. ‘Authentically charming,’ is its catch cry. 

Industrial Tote

Marching to the beat of your own drum.  Walk proud, walk loud. This bag’s mantra is; I am perfectly unique and proudly leads where others follow.

The Urban Stroll

Busy, beautiful and free flowing like jazz. If this bag could talk, it would say something paradoxically wonderful like, ‘thank you for noticing my simple complexity.’

The Sublime

Unapologetic like a bagpiper on a hill. Unapologetic and marvellous, like an operatic solo. Dignity incarnate.

The Country Lane Tote

Peace and calm like a cello’s solo. Resilient and deep. Able to casually embrace the day’s surprises. 

What do you think of those descriptions? Would you say these bags have a different musical sound to them? Let us know what your dream bag would sound like in the comments below.

We may even be able to make it for you… 


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