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Black Bag, Red Bag: The Ballad Handbag

Do you ever feel like your outfit lacks the power you want to grab attention? Have you ever loved how you looked but needed a bit more wow? This is the power that the Ballad Handbag holds. A true statement bag, hand crafted for women with a dignity and a passion that cannot be contained. This is the bag for the self-confident and empowered.

The Ballad Handbag is the brainchild of Angelo Loukakis and has European flair in its shape and design. In bold Italian red leather or inspired black leather, there is nothing quite so dignified, forceful and alluring as a bag that says ‘I’m here’. Beloved by young and old it’s irrepressible spirit grabs attention wherever it goes without losing a hint of class or elegance.

The duality of the colour scheme chosen by Avery Verse highlights contrasting powers that the Ballad effuses. Are you a roaring lion or elusive jaguar? 

The oval shaped lock adds a buoyant touch of gold that keeps the eyes lingering on the finer details. The twist clasp provides delicate motion to its use that accentuates everything as precise, elegant and ultra-luxurious.

The v-shaped flap adds a further definition to the design that cannot be ignored. The understated but apparent benefit of extra security boosts the Ballad into a higher realm of practical and aspirational. 

Golden feet adorn the base of the bag ensuring it always remains above the ground. An apt metaphor for the woman who has greatness in her DNA.

We live for creating fashion that can express your soul, in all its wonder and complexity, and the Ballad Handbag is to us the quintessential power bag. Any woman who has ever worked hard and won her share of battles can adorn the Ballad as a statement to her dignity.

This is the beauty of accessories as a whole and is why they’re so important. Each piece becomes a means by which you can express your journey, the highs and lows of a life lived fully, and what you’ve learned, earned and discovered along the way. 

The Ballad Handbag, in red and black, is designed to grab attention and tell the world where you stand - as a victor. It’s the perfect compliment that reminds you daily of your grand adventure. Hang it on your arm, grab a glass of champagne and the whole world will know that you’re in charge.

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