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Designer Leather Bags: A Window To Your Soul

What do you look for in a designer leather bag? This isn’t just any purchase after all. 

For many, you’ve worked hard to save your money and have savoured the joy you’ll have when you can finally hold your beloved accessory in your hands. So, do you look for the latest It bag so that you can be on trend or do you look for unique materials that make the bag so much more than just a bag? 

Are there shapes you love above all others? Sometimes the most impractical handbags are the most delightful and all the haters will just have to accept that. Or, do you go ultra stylish and ultra practical, looking for a shape that is versatile with multiple outfits and has enough pockets to carry the world?

In all that we do in life, we’re making a statement about what we believe in, stand for and cherish.

If someone buys fast food every week can they really claim to be a fitness junkie? Does someone really value your friendship if they’re always late? Actions speak louder than words and that’s why we believe that your designer leather bag is a window to your soul.

If one is nearby, go grab it and take a look. 

What is it about the colour of this bag that so grips you? Why this brand over all the others that exist? What is it that keeps you coming back to this bag instead of storing it in a cupboard somewhere?

It may not even be the bag that really grabs you, but the heart behind it. Did a close family member purchase it for you? Perhaps, then, you value family above fashion and that’s what you cherish.

It may seem a bit odd to view buying and wearing an accessory as a tool for self-examination, in fact it’s quite far removed from the usual conversation that surrounds luxury fashion, but this is a subject of great interest to us because we believe that fashion is meant for more than mannequins. 

We believe that true fashion is a synergy of your life with the life of the item to produce something awe-inspiring.

When you see a stranger and think, ‘I love that dress,’ or ‘those are beautiful earrings,’ are you really saying that those items are being modelled perfectly? I don’t think so. Instead, I think those statements are our attempt at saying ‘I see you,’ even when we don’t know why they’ve grabbed our attention. 

This is what was described in our previous post on the Joy of Italian Leather Bags where we looked at how many women have felt incomplete in their wardrobe and have yearned for something to make their outfit feel right. 

When everything feels right, I believe it is your soul and the clothes joining together and becoming something more beautiful than a mere piece of fabric. It is as if the entire universe changes the moment you achieve that right combination of dress, make up, jewellery and accessory. 

How is that possible?

I can’t say.

And you don’t really need to understand it, so long as you can find that synergy and experience the pleasure of having the right outfit that best expresses who you are.

A new facet of what we’ll be offering to customers is the opportunity to liaise with our co-founders Taylor and Christie Cook on just this subject. They’ll offer advice based on your lifestyle, your preferred clothing and much more, all with an aim at finding the right Avery Verse accessory that completes your outfit.

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