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Dreaming Of Eco Friendly Luxury Leather Bags

The growing movement of eco-friendliness in fashion isn’t going away anytime soon. But what will inevitably crop up are the brands that tack on a consideration for others out of necessity. This is disappointing as it inevitably feels like a politician flip flopping on issues. 

Now while we don’t condone this way of doing business, we will still be happy for the change because at least that means we’re moving forward in the right direction.

But, we are most pleased knowing that our character is such that we chose to be an eco-friendly luxury leather bag brand from day one. At the formation of the company we made decisions guided by an awareness that you couldn’t in good conscience choose anything that wasn’t environmentally or socially friendly. Preferably both.

At the same time, we can’t pat ourselves on the back while the majority of the industry is still mired in environmentally unfriendly practices. Hence, why we dream of eco friendly luxury leather bags. It simply isn’t enough that there exists many niche brands, we want a complete transformation.

The idea of a great eco-system of different major businesses creating exciting new products in a wise, slow fashion manner exhilarates! After all, we do in fact love bags regardless of the brand associated with it. We enjoy the texture of fine leather, or the smell of a clean tanning process. The look of clever designs and the convenience of a functional bag. 

To hold a bag and know it was made differently is so refreshing. And all of this is much more important than just one company. It’s what can make the whole world a better place. That may seem a little melodramatic, but the more I think about any industry, the more I’ve come to the conclusion that the finished product isn’t that important - but the effect it has on others is.

This is why I believe that any business can really only be judged by its impact on the world and not by profits alone. Yes, you do have to be profitable otherwise you don’t exist, but beyond those hard start up days when it’s a fight for every dollar, what are you doing to change the world? 

For us, we want to see this glorious eco-system of sustainable fashion vibrant and far reaching. It shouldn’t be simply that the major brands change once public opinion alters, but rather that those niche brands expand and become the preferred choice of shoppers not just because they have an environmental conscience, but also because the brand itself has great style. 

That’s where we believe real change can be made.

We can go on and on about the environment without making much real difference. Or, we can create bags that captivate and enthral such that people want to buy. And then, we can express our views in broad, vivid colours, on how the industry can be changed for the better once a relationship is in place.

So, we stay focused on the fundamentals.

Our new collection of luxury bags will be out shortly. Our exclusive range is starting to take shape for release. All of these new additions to our current line of luxury leather bags are great opportunities to showcase a style that is our own. 

One that people will hopefully love.


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