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Ethical Fashion: Avery Verse Round Up

Everyone at Avery Verse reads a lot of articles and blogs. Like, a lot.

We also look at hundreds of bags on Pinterest. Which was in part why we created our Love Board for gorgeous bags that we liked. But what about all the blogs we read? How do we share love about them?

A Round Up!

Each Tuesday we're going to be offering our curated list of articles and sites that we've found recently and adore. Some of these sites found us via our Twitter page and others we found by going down the Internet rabbit hole. 

Trend Prive Magazine

This fantastic site features incredible articles and insight on a range of fashion and lifestyle subjects. I can say with confidence that you'll always be able to find something of interest regardless of taste. One other excellent feature of Trend Prive is they have their own shop which sells accessories and artworks. Well worth the visit. 

One of our favourite articles this week is on Victoria Beckham's partnership with TargetDefinitely read it, especially for this quote:

"To own a piece of an original collection from designers such as Beckham isn’t for everyone, why try and compromise the relevancy of the designer?"

Impakter Magazine

Impakter is a brilliant site that has at its core the objective to "open a dialogue between millenials and key decision makers," through various spheres including culture, society and style. I'd highly recommend checking it out as the articles are contributed by a large range of skilled and insightful individuals from all generations.

An article we especially liked was this one on a doctor killing a patient with a firearm in self defence. There are no easy answers in this story and that's what makes it so engaging. Highly grateful too to be living in Australia with our gun control laws. Makes one feel a lot safer.

Good On You AU

Good on You is a wonderful resource for all things ethical fashion. They've even gone so far as to create an app and a ranking system of fashion brands to inform consumers as to where their favourite brand ranks in its environmental impact. They're a great shining light in the ethical fashion world.

A perfect article for any fashionista is the The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Ethical Wardrobe. There's a lot of great common sense advice and little gems regarding how to better wash and reuse your outfits. Every good action adds up!

Eco Warrior Princess

Eco Warrior Princess was originally started by one blogger but has in recent times grown into "a powerful voice of reason in a sea of ‘ethical’ shallowness," - given this, their articles are in depth and encouragingly challenging on the subject of sustainability and improving ones environmental footprint while still being very stylish.

Their transparency report for August is a great insight into their company, but more importantly a call to action for everyone who loves these "free" resources but don't necessarily consider that it is costing someone somewhere money to produce. 


I hope you find some great value in these blogs and this inaugural round up! We're constantly thinking of ways we can give love to others as we wish to create win-wins in all that we do. We've won by enjoying these sites and their writing. Now we hope they can win with further recognition.

We've also recently had a wonderful experience with Lioness Magazine whose focus is on female entrepreneurs. That is a particular aspect of the entrepreneurial world we love and support. As such, our round ups will come to feature an eclectic mix of fashion, business and social observations. 

See you next week!


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