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Genuine Leather Handbags in the Age of Trump

Long before Kellyanne Conway, the fashion industry has lived and breathed alternative facts.

After all, this is an industry that has made billions selling an image that doesn’t reflect the full truth.

Avery Verse ethical artisans can produce 200x handcrafted bags a month maximum because of the quality and complexity of stitching that we work with. It takes twenty four hours to produce just one Avery Verse bag. The team is small, committed, skilled and highly focused.

For a brand aiming to stock in major luxury department stores around the world, they would need to have an enormous manufacturing team. Now that’s achievable for certain, but it’s also costly. 

So do you think the manufacturing team would be made up of an entirely ethical work force? 

Alternatively, do you think all the products are genuinely high quality leather handbags? Or are some made from lesser materials but have a high quality logo (and price tag) affixed to them?

The complexity, and uncertainty, that enters into this discussion is because of the lack of transparency in the industry. It simply doesn’t pay to follow the old way and be honest about it.

This is the element of the industry that so saddens me. 

I love good quality, genuine leather handbags, and when I see a nice looking, but ultimately hollow bag that has been made from inferior leather, mass produced and sold like it’s the bees knees, my heart hurts.

Recently, I’ve come to describe (rather harshly) the chemically processed, ‘shiny’ leather of so many famous brands as an eighty year old getting plastic surgery to look twenty. It’s fake and it’s disconcerting to look at after awhile.

In the same way that society is recoiling from gas lighting in the media and are working on establishing clearer, more resolute standards for news, consumers are growing disillusioned with the near constant discovery that a brand’s marketing message is far removed from its experience.

Perhaps, then, the best point for a company to achieve moving forward is to rigorously eliminate from their marketing any disingenuous messaging. 

The whole idea of an advertisement is to be more or less ‘salesy’. We’re trying to stoke interest in something you may not care for and make the investment of your money appealing. When you see marketing from that perspective it’s no wonder each generation has grown increasingly cynical of the whole process.

So, let’s change that.

What if marketing became a replication of the mystical old-world journalism that was unbiased and trustworthy? Could the unvarnished truth win customers over or do we as consumers just want to be lied to?

In this model, you’d never discover that a company wasn’t what they said they were because they said exactly what they are.

Our entire attitude at Avery Verse is win-win. That’s who we are and what we’re about. If you want to buy into a culture and a business that yearns to benefit everyone - we’re it. If we discover that something isn’t working to produce this win-win, we pivot. We iterate and improve.

We are not perfect but we are on the journey to perfection.

Does that make investing a $1,000 on our handcrafted, luxury leather bags easier or harder? 

In the meantime, I’ll finish with mentioning that we have as part of our goal, expansion into luxury department stores. But we’ll be increasing our manufacturing team to achieve this. That means that while we may grow, we don’t produce unethical profits.


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