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Guilt Free Luxury Leather Bags And The Perfect Customer Experience

I love my bag but…

That ‘but’ is worse than a horror movie monster. It represents the moment a customer felt a bit of regret about their purchase. Their happiness and pleasure is tinged with disappointment. They’ve gone and invested in a luxury leather bag and that investment is already feeling a bit like a mistake. Horrifying.

When starting Avery Verse one thing we looked at were bag forums where fashionistas engaged in discussion about what they actually wanted in a luxury bag and the experience of buying one. The easiest concern that arose was personalisation. People want a bag that is exactly how they see their perfect bag to be. Fair enough. 

But to only want a personalised bag is a little like saying you only ever want home cooked meals. Sometimes we want a chef to create, from their own style, a meal for us to experience that is different to what we normally eat. So we haven’t gone down the personalisation route with our own bags because we want to create something for you. We like the excitement that comes with dazzling someone with something they never knew they loved.

The next concern was the luxury experience. Some brands, even the great ones, fail to provide luxury in the small details. They use a cheap quality lining or provide bland boxes for a designer bag to rest in. They create a purchasing experience that is 90% right, but…

For me personally, I’ve become very fanatical around this concept. I’m currently researching ways to create luxury receipts to go with our purchases because all the small details should add to the experience. You’ve bought a great bag and that’s good, but we want to provide a great service to match it and that's better.

Another concern is how ones purchase impacts society and the environment. Simply put, the level of environmental degradation all over the world from shoddy practices by tanneries or manufacturers are a problem that needs addressing. And while many luxury brands continue to stick their head in the sand, others want to address them. 

So, that’s how we came to the conclusion to use Italian vegetable tanned leather. To decide, we went through a process like this:

All bags are hand crafted from vegetable tanned leather

which means that

you are buying a bag that is eco-friendly as the leather is prepared without using toxic chemicals

which means that

the environment won't be devastated by waste from the tanning process

which means that

you can enjoy a luxury leather bag without guilt 

A guilt free luxury leather bag. That sounds nice, doesn’t it? :)

So, as we go along, we continue to ask ourselves where are the pain points that make the experience a little disappointing. This is a never-ending process and it’s one that you can help us out with by being vocal with your opinions. Let us know in the comments section what you like and dislike about anything with Avery Verse. It could even be my writing! :)

This feedback helps us to understand how we can provide a better experience and ensures we’re always thinking on two levels. Firstly, what do you want and how can we give it to you. Secondly, what don’t you realise you want and how can we give it to you. This approach we believe creates a wonderful customer experience. We consider this to be reflective of servant leadership. We are at once working for you as we are simultaneously guiding you to a new discovery.

Hopefully, this will mean we can avoid that fearsome ‘but’ and have customers that are always saying, ‘I love my bag!'


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