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Ladies Bags: A Beautiful Expression Of Self

We’ve recently begun brainstorming Avery Verse imagery that we’ll produce as part of our marketing. The most impactful image we've had thus far is of a lion with a bouquet of pink roses, like our background, for its mane. 

To us, this is an expression of the synergy of masculine and feminine, not only from the co-founders, but also in an empowered woman. One can be both strong and gentle without sacrificing anything of themselves.

This is a part of what makes our work with ladies bags so enjoyable. We are focused on a saturated but often uninspired market that has for too long chosen trend-chasing and enormous marketing spend to produce an ephemeral ‘feeling’ in its clientele. Whether that feeling is security in knowing you’re on trend or joy in having a status bag is neither here nor there.

In contrast, we want to create an emotion, an elevation, that is deep and speaks to your heart. Fashion is an expression of self and to not give you the honour you deserve of style that expresses your nature is a travesty. You’re a beautiful, grand being and deserve fashion that can be about more than status, even if our luxury bags do offer this.

For us, the best imagery to explain what we desire to achieve for you, is love at first sight. There’s no rhyme or reason to it, but simply a knowing without knowing that this is the one for me. It’s right and you know it’s right even if you haven’t had the opportunity to date and discover everything about it. 

That is speaking to your inner self and it’s a far more enjoyable and powerful buying experience.

So how do we achieve this?

We design with our eyes closed. Yes, we may produce mood boards and look at the market, but the bags must be an expression from the heart. They need to be produced with a genuine passion and love for the shape and style of the bag and what this expresses. They are created with an ethos in mind rather than a trend.

In other words, we create fashion for dignified women, and so our designs are aligned with a style that we believe expresses dignity. Then, when a woman who is dignified and desires to express this sees our bags, there is a knowing. 

That is me.

This is the formula free side of fashion, where we look to create from a place of artistic expression, free from the constraints of a fear based economy. Some bags won’t be liked, which means they won’t sell and we lose money. Some art isn’t liked either. But we create for that beautiful expression of self. In the designers eyes and in yours, when you wear our luxury leather bags.

Our ladies bags are designed for a lady, in all her grandeur and magnificence, in all the empowerment of a unity of strength and gentleness, masculine and feminine, and this is a beautiful and right thing. 

We create for these women, who want to express their status and their beauty and their dignity, in one package, rather than sacrificing one for the other.

A complete, and beautiful, expression of self.


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