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Luxury Bags Are A Lifetime Buy

Luxury bags and luxury products in general fulfil me. Not for vain reasons but because they have a greater permanency in our lives. Because they record the life we live inside of them. This a subject that gets me excited almost daily. Buying something that doesn’t fade. Owning something that lasts for years and grows with you. 

For instance, Christie has a pair of Armani sunglasses that have lasted over ten years and are absolutely gorgeous! Every time I see her wearing them I feel elation because they’re beautiful and they accentuate her beauty. The day they break (and I pray that never happens) will be such a sad day because those glasses have been through a lot with us.

This is the key to understanding luxury and why it is the only type of product you should buy. 

These possessions become something so much more than pieces of wood, leather or glass. They become constant reminders of the past like a memorial plaque. The only difference is they’re collecting more memories as you continue to use them (and look nicer). These memories and the savouring of those experiences make life richer. They increase a sense of gratitude as you don’t forget to be thankful for the wonderful things that have happened in your life.

In contrast, if you buy something cheap that break every six months, there isn’t the same build up of emotional energy. It would come and go and you’d lose track of the great memories because you didn’t have something physical that could tether a memory to your everyday.

Luxury bags like ours last longer and that saves you money in the long run. But more importantly, these bags can become a part of your life. You can look at a bag and be reminded of great nights out and good times that were shared with friends and family because that bag was a part of the evening. 

This is especially true when you consider that we use Italian vegetable tanned leather.

As you may know by now (we do go on about it quite a bit) the leather is porous and will develop a patina over time from use. The leather softens the more you engage with it and overall it changes and is dynamic just like your own life. That is the importance of the leather. It isn’t just that it’s good quality but that it represents something human and alive. This is the difference between something forgettable and something you adore and cherish. This is where you move beyond a physical item into something spiritual.

So this is why we do what we do. 

Avery Verse as a company exists to provide a bag that can become a part of your life. We want to create something so timeless in style that you can wear it during any season of your life. If we can achieve that, then we’ll have made a bag that becomes like my wife’s Armani sunglasses - a beloved accessory that is imbued with energy from many good memories.

And that is a great honour.


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