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Luxury Life: Avery Verse Round Up

Tuesday can be a pretty dreary day. What better way to spruce things up then by salivating over all the luxurious things in life? There's a host of websites out there, but we have a few personal favourites. 

Luxurious Magazine

Luxurious Magazine is easily the best site for all things luxury. Yes, we're super biased because of our own editorial with them. But if you hold that off to the side and check out the site yourself you'll see very clearly what we're talking about. Anything you could possibly imagine for the luxury lifestyle can be found including interviews with some amazing people.

This is exciting for anyone interested in getting under the skin (so to speak) of a brand and finding out what makes it tick. We can safely say you'll never exhaust the articles, videos and pictures available to a reader. So go ahead and enjoy yourself!

One great example of these interviews is on Nicola Fanetti, a 27 year old Michelin starred chef, which offers insight into his methods, his influences and most importantly principles that anyone can take away with them after reading. One that resonated with us would be his quote regarding advice:

The only advice that I would like to give is to believe in yourself, trust yourself, fight and make sacrifices. 

Luxury Daily

Luxury Daily can sometimes be more a website about marketing for luxury brands, as opposed to about luxury living, however you're still going to get fantastic insight into the luxury world. The gorgeous pictures and jaw dropping stories don't change, just some of the nitty gritty. :)

Once again, here's another site so extensive that you could read and read without ever running out of good material. Highly recommended for anyone interested in getting a look at the inner workings of a luxurious world.

Our personal favourite article was on Peninsula Paris offering expert portraits to guests. Visiting the Peninsula Paris would be an unforgettable experience, but adding an expertly crafted portrait, fit for celebrities and royalty, to the mix would be the icing on the cake. 

Luxury Columnist

We were fortunate to have Suze of the Luxury Columnist follow us on Twitter just this morning. After one look at her blog we were hooked and had to include the Luxury Columnist in our round up. Who doesn't like luxury travel? Exactly! Essential reading for anyone whose ever sat daydreaming about beautiful scenery, captivating architecture and the finest food known to man.

Our personal favourite article is on Suze's October Adventures. The photo below should sum up why. Just fantastic! We'd also recommend checking out the Luxury Columnist Instagram page for more amazing photos. If there's one thing the whole world can agree on it's that you can never see enough beauty.

Hope you enjoyed this round up! These are but a few of the amazing sites which are out there and if you've got a personal favourite, let us know in the comments below. We've also got our round up on ethical fashion that you can check out for a few sterling places to get the latest on gorgeous outfits that don't harm the planet.


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