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More Than A Luxury Accessory: Fulfilment As A Customer Experience

The luxury experience has so often been found in the purchase of a high quality item that one could use to express their status in society. This is not wrong and certainly isn’t unenjoyable, but it is incomplete.

If the joy of a luxury handbag begins and ends in the brands power to associate status with the individual then eventually it will fall out of favour for another brand.

Instead, we need to move beyond providing a luxury experience toward a fulfilling one. This is where we can provide to you an experience that feels like viewing Victoria Falls or climbing the Himalayas. It can be an experience that takes your breath away (in a good sense) and elevates your soul.

We believe that to achieve this there must be a comprehensive, 360 degree experience that doesn’t begin with the bag and the marketing, but rather with the impetus that birthed the company. The story of your bag is grand and immersive. A journey with challenges and thrills like the battles of Lawrence of Arabia. You have bought something that wouldn’t exist without great struggle and sacrifice. 

For instance, Christie and I sold our home to create Avery Verse. We moved over an hour away from Sydney, uprooted everything we had of community, and found a new place in a rather dangerous neighbourhood. In order to make Avery Verse a reality we lived next to an abusive husband and had to call the police nearly every weekend on him. 

This is no ordinary bag company and certainly no ordinary accessory.

We sought out a high quality, time-consuming leather preparation technique because we couldn’t abide by unrelenting environmental degradation from the fashion industry. We kept our margins thin so that you wouldn’t be ripped off by extortionate pricing like other brands want to do. We hired ethical artisans to create the absolute best in quality bags using the highest quality materials.

All of this is for you.

And we continue to think about this idea of fulfilment and how we can create an experience that instils this in every customer and visitor. After all, some may not buy a luxury bag, but they should still feel a sense of something fulfilling the way you may enjoy a photo of Algonquin National Park. 

This is the core idea behind fulfilment as a customer experience and it’s one we are aiming to create throughout the company. What happens after your purchase? You have the joy of our artisanal boxes and the pleasure of wearing your new luxury bag, but is that it where it ends?

By aligning ourselves with charities around the world your purchase becomes so much more than just another bag. It becomes a vehicle through which you can empower communities and give dominion back to those who have all the same abilities as you, but not the same opportunities. This is the exciting part for us in particular. A synergy can exist between what pleases you and what transforms others. 

That’s a win-win!

Beyond that, our giving is targeted at those organisations that are aiming to produce a systemic change in communities. It is one thing to ease someone’s pain, it is quite another to empower them to change their life, and the lives of others. Your purchase becomes a momentous gift because you are playing a role in reshaping the world into a fairer, more equitable one.

That provides a fulfilment, a knowing every day, that you’re not just getting the same old luxury experience, but something bursting at the seams with life and energy for more. You’re partaking of a journey that began years ago and continues on long after you buy a bag. 

What about your journey? 

You have a dream, you have a desire to create something incredible, and what better partner is there than a bag, a company, right by your side wishing you all the best in the world? Fulfilment is a big word and it requires a full experience of challenge and success; of life lived fully to achieve it.

What better way to stay strong than to have a constant companion along for the ride reminding you at every turn that we’ve been through that fire and we’ve come out strong. That you can face challenges head on with courage and perserverance and succeed.

Every time you put on an Avery Verse bag you’re not just another fashionista but rather are a life-changing, empowered, woman on a journey of your own full of its twists and turns, and we’re with you. That's fulfilling.

P.S. The abusive husband improved with our consistent police calls and his wife appreciated the help. 


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