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Practical Lifestyle and Travel Blog Round Up!

Our latest round up is focused on lifestyle and travel sites that have proven to be engaging and inspirational in equal measures. There’s something awe-inspiring at seeing a new part of the world. At being confronted with a facet of nature not seen in your own country. 

A person raised in the Australian desert witnessing a seemingly endless blanket of white snow in Alaska would certainly be affected by the contrast. This is what makes travel so exciting. Combine that fun with luxury attire, gorgeous holiday living or handcrafted goodies, and you have a powerfully intoxicating blogosphere.

Adventure Bird 

We were featured on Adventure Bird as a part of Rebecca’s travel dairy in Toronto, and that introduction has led us to discover much more about the blog.

This gem of a travel and lifestyle blog features gorgeous, personable photography and engaging writing. Rebecca has created a place where you can vacillate from homemade Christmas tree decorations to exploring often un-observed towns in Italy. Every post features great imagery and the prevailing DIY attitude makes for informational and entertaining reads. 

Highly recommended for anyone who has ever wanted to read a travel blogger that didn’t feel untouchable.

Dubai Travel Blog

In stark contrast to Adventure Bird’s personality, the Dubai Travel Blog is like other lifestyle and travel websites you’ve seen over the years but with the Middle East as its focus. 

We’ve been doing a fair bit of research and study of the Middle East recently and it’s such an amazing land. In particular, the United Arab Emirates stands out for its advances in arts, technology and for having positioned itself as a major tourist destination.

The Dubai Travel Blog is perfect for an in-depth look at major tourist attractions, cultural milieu and all in English which helps non-Arabic speaking peoples. Finally, of course, the photography is a cut above the rest ensuring you can salivate over possible adventures with the ease that the Internet affords.

Nomadic Matt

This is really the go-to blog for people wanting to travel the world. While it’s focus is on how to travel, there are numerous great posts about the joys of travel and about other cultures. In particular, there is a genuine focus on connectivity with others. This, I feel, is what makes a travel blog so enjoyable. That an author is seeking to explore how we all can connect.

Besides the more poetic side of things, there’s some great hard-earned advice for people interested in travelling the world, especially when they need to do so on a budget and want to do so for a very long time.

So, in conclusion, that’s another round up for the week. We hope you enjoy these sites as much as we do and wish you great fulfilment on your next travel adventure!


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