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Soft Leather Bags: Joy Upon Joy

Is there anything more enjoyable than gorgeous soft leather bags?

The pleasure is continuous and uplifting regardless of the weather or any of the vagaries of life. You can always hold sweet, soft leather in your hands and feel good. In spite of countless cheaper alternatives people continue to praise and cherish leather and the reason for it cannot be denied - leather taps into something deeper than other materials. 

So many decisions that get made in our day are effectively based on intuition. After we’ve come to a conclusion, we create words to articulate these feelings and reverse engineer the process so that we think we’re being smart. 

The love for soft leather falls into a category that is pure intuition so much so that even our attempts at describing why we like it sounds goofy. We say, ‘it feels good’.  But what does that even mean? We really don’t know and that’s totally fine. We know it’s right and that’s enough.

This is the joy upon joy that is found in leather. It’s more than just another thing. It is something more enriching and fulfilling than other ‘stuff’ on planet earth. This is why at Avery Verse we enjoy not only the construction, shape and colour of our luxury leather bags, but also the beautiful materials that it comes from. 

We believe this appreciation is sorely lacking in the fashion industry. There is a keen disparity between two camps. One is the high fashion team that savour design. The other is the materials camp that love what goes into a bag. Very rarely do the two meet, synergise and produce something that is at once desirable from a design perspective and a material one.

This is why the big luxury brands typically use awful chemicals on their leather, have been known to cut corners to save money, but do in fact produce designs that are beautiful. On the flip side, there are near countless leather bag companies out there who produce bags made from beautiful materials. But they aren’t trying to create designs that achieve fashion beyond the obvious.

Avery Verse was built to combine both of these camps and we have a long way to go before we achieve this. But it’s a passion of ours because we can see what would happen if both worlds collided. Exquisite materials prepared with the fullest consideration for their value, with an aesthetic that enriches the fashion industry while pushing to express a more fulfilling style.

Is it possible?

Of course!

And when it is achieved there is always a resounding praise for the brand and its creation. We see this with It bags and legacy designs that are continually purchased and loved regardless of the season. This is why our focus is on timeless, luxurious, eco-friendly fashion. We believe the meeting together of these three ideas produces an aesthetic that is pleasing and soul-stirring.


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