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Strength, Dignity and Empowering Women with Fashion

Our new designer bags are shaping up to be a distinctive style full of strength and dignity. This thrills us as we believe fashion should be a vehicle through which women can express their soul in stark contrast to using fashion as a tool for objectification.

We can’t ignore the fact that women have so much more to offer than just their looks and we want to be focused on providing stylish accessories that help you express your greatness. 

The luxury market has always had a focus on the value of the individual. The message is often that you are worth a high value, high quality product because you have value. But can it go further? The answer is yes and the way forward is through a focus on defining that value and honouring it.

From prosaic gifts like multi-tasking to the more esoteric like a sixth sense, women have always been known for possessing one-of-a-kind abilities and for having skills that a man could only ever hope to possess. 

This should be respected and highlighted through the clothing and accessories that are produced and sold. We are fortunate to be able to provide this to you through a luxury means, but are working (slowly but surely) on an entry level range of vegetable tanned leather bags that can be used to express your dignity.

I believe the best example of how this can exist is African fashion. 

There is a distinct ability for both masculine and feminine outfits to highlight the individuals nature above and beyond their body. It is a thing of immense beauty to behold and often transfixes me. I experience the same awe and fulfilment from this fashion as we desire to achieve through Avery Verse and I’d highly recommend studying the African fashion scene as a whole.

I cannot think of a better example of strength, dignity and empowerment being revealed through fashion and they’ve set the benchmark for this noble cause.

Our goals are always to radically change the world and we yearn for the day where every facet of your wardrobe is specially chosen around accentuating not only your looks but also your being. This can only happen when the range of fashion globally to choose from is greatly aligned towards this thinking and when consumers desire this self-expression.

The former we can work on, the latter is out of our control, but if you believe this is a noble goal, then there’s one thing that you can do to help. Talk about it with your friends. Challenge accepted norms. There’s no harm in suggesting there’s an outfit out there that would make you more beautiful because it highlights more than just your body.

Our designers each have a great dignity about them and we see this express itself through their work. There’s great excitement in the office as we gear up to a new launch of our bags because this next range will continue and extend the expression of feminine strength in our accessories. 

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