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Sustainable Luxury Bags Are For Everyone

A sustainable luxury bag. The dream! Make it a sustainable luxury leather bag and you have something to weep over, right? Enjoy the scent, texture and experience of genuine Italian leather, yet still play a role in moving the ball forward towards a healthier, eco-friendly future. This is the goal here at Avery Verse.

To create a bag that doesn’t break quickly and fill up a landfill. 

To create a bag that does minimal harm to the environment in its manufacture.

To create a bag that when bought helps rebuild our natural environment.

To create a bag through artisanal means so that it isn’t used for fast fashion.

To create something that is so beloved it becomes a life long bag.

This is the goal and it fills our office with passion every day. We’re moving towards a sustainable world, that is inevitable, but the more concentrated we are in pushing to achieve this the sooner we will arrive and the better shape the world will be. 

Luxury has traditionally been focused on quality over quantity (and that is good), but at the same time, there has been one element of sustainability that is constantly overlooked. This is the price. The structure of preparing a luxury bag’s price typically involves an astronomical mark up that exists to make the bag look luxurious. Some luxury brands don’t even want you (anyone who isn’t part of the 1%) to buy their bags so that you’ll actually desire it more.

Talk about reverse psychology…

This approach produces an unsustainable industry though, especially when this is connected to the growing disparity between rich and poor. You simply can’t convince enough rich people to buy enough bags to really make the model work. It can last for a season but not forever.

Because of this, we aim to design a genuine pricing model to ensure that there’s both a sustainable pricing and sustainable environmental impact. This way, our bags retain what makes luxury “luxurious,” - quality materials, craftsmanship, tactile pleasure - without losing perspective on the majority of women, the so-called ‘middle class’ who are the engine for any business’s growth (let alone an economy). 

Thus we sell bags that could retail at the $2000+ mark AUD without batting an eyelid, but we avoid this dishonest pricing because it doesn’t help create the world we want to see. One in which people can access quality bags that are made with the environment and the consumer in mind at every juncture. A world where the very core of the fashion industry is designed to provide the best quality at the right price with the most benefit to consumer and environment.

Finally, this is also true when you consider a sustainable luxury bag that sees the manufacturers receive a fair compensation. Simply put, it is unsustainable to charge manufacturers a pittance in a foreing nation, mark up to the heavens and sell to wealthy individuals. The end result is a world that sees one half destroyed for the benefit of the other. Where's the sustainability in that?

So, in all we do, we have the goal of a better process in mind. And that is exciting because when you experience being part of a move to change the world, you realise you’re a part of something bigger than yourself.


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