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The Future Of Luxury Is Timeless

Gimmicks sell quick and are lost in the wardrobe even quicker. 

That’s the sad truth behind most of fashion today. A trend is really just a nice word to describe something boring with a big marketing budget that people can enjoy not because it’s really going to become a lifelong companion but because it has novelty. Can this really last?

We think not. And are so bold as to believe those incumbent luxury brands will slowly but surely fade in influence to others that are today a niche brand.

The reason we’re so sure of this is because the movement against gimmicky accessories grows with every year. If you no longer want to burn your cash on trashy fashion than you become more considerate, slower to purchase perhaps, but far more concerned with getting the best quality in a style that you’ll love for years to come.

I would liken this to buying the little black dress. 

Classicism isn’t for the old, it’s for those who know themselves and what will look good on them this year and the next. It’s for the savvy consumer. This is why we’re so focused on creating timeless style.

Beyond this ideal, we despise waste and uninspired fashion. There’ll be tears in our office the day we find out Avery Verse bags are being discarded with each new season. What’s worse would be the day we find loveless designs branded with our Avery Verse logo. 

The horror.

Because of this immense distaste for a cultural obsession with derivative works and small lifespans, we are focused on creating something that is inspiring and inspired to achieve that glorious feeling known as fulfilment.

Recently, we were talking with our designers and the subject of what is missing from the luxury space arose. The most immediate answer was originality. There is a fear of failure and so a move to copy what works and to play it safe perverts what should be an artistic expression. 

Furthermore, when this desire to produce inspiring designs fades, the inevitable rise of gimmicks occurs. The most obvious parallel is the superhero movies unstoppable rise at the box office as it caters to everyone yet fails to produce much in the way of substance. 

And should it even be possible for luxury fashion to be compared to a superhero movie? Does that make anyone else feel a little horrified?

In contrast, we want to provide to you inspiring accessories. Our chief goal is to achieve that moment where you lose breath for a moment and find it hard to speak. You experience a bit of awe and a bit of wonder most commonly reserved to viewing diamonds. That’s where our joy lies.

In all of this then, we believe that every timeless accessory has always been captivating and that is why it has endured. It isn’t just a block colour and a shape that is practical. It’s about retaining an elegance, or an energy, that continues to speak to the human soul with each new generation. It has a beauty that is alluring on a deeper level that no marketing campaign can ever recreate.

As we continue to move forward and slow fashion becomes more dominant, the inevitable focus will then be on creating something that reaches deeper into our hearts and becomes more permanent in our lives. This is what true luxury looks like and it will forever be timeless.


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