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The Industrial: Luxury Designer Tote Bag

The Industrial Tote is a style throw back to 80’s punk rock and 90’s grunge.

The chocolate brown vegetable tanned leather with studded detailing brings to mind the passion and strength of musicians like Pat Benatar and Melissa Etheridge.

In other words, this bag is proud to be seen.

It’s large and makes no apologies for being the accessory of an outfit.

The Industrial tote looks great with jeans but equally good with a skirt and boots. As such, the dark chocolate leather looks good with just about anything.

As an all day bag, it’s large enough to fit your laptop or all of the baby’s things!  Although large, this tote folds over so there’s no risk of having anything pinched. This is also a design feature that adds to its appeal as it doesn’t use a commonplace zip. 

The bag has an inside divide so you won’t have to rummage around to retrieve smaller items.  There’s also a handy internal coin/key pocket. Nothing worse than needing to dump all of your contents out just to find your keys.

Like all of our bags, the Industrial Tote is made from Italian vegetable tanned leather which is incredibly durable and can last several lifetimes if treated with respect.

How many brands can you say that about?

So why invest more for vegetable tanned leather?

Because you care about fashion, people and the environment. 

Leather made the mineral or chromium way uses carcinogens that are detrimental to the craftsman and to the environment.  If you care about the well-being of humanity and the environment, you now have choices that can reflect your values.  

When fashion and accessories are hand-crafted from quality materials, you don’t need to replace them all the time.  This is why we make our bags with as little bling as possible. We want you to be able to use them over and over again regardless of changes in season or “trends”.

Learn more about the slow fashion movement over at Good on You AU or Trend Prive. These are great resources to encourage, inform and guide consumers as they look to revamp their lifestyle with quality, ethically produced, products.

In the end, vegetable tanning leather is a 6,000 year old process that has the longevity to prove it’s the way forward. 

That’s why we like to say...


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