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The Joy of Italian Leather Bags

You can talk about a German leather bag or a Brazilian leather bag or an American leather bag and get acknowledgement that they’re great. But it is always an Italian leather bag that grabs attention and evokes such passionate praise. Why is that? We believe it is because leather tanneries in Italy treat their work like art. There is imperfection and difference and a dynamism to the leather that the workers have created by their will. 

German leather in contrast is far more rigorous in its development. There is a consistency to the leather such that one can confidently predict what each batch will look like once completed. This is not wrong. In fact, it’s beautiful in its own way.

But the wild exuberance of Italian leather is still where the greatest joy lies.

As you may know, we’re leather junkies here at Avery Verse and we love the immersion that one can undergo as they study just what goes into making a leather bag. Beyond the designers aesthetic, deeper than a company style, is the very material itself that the accessory is produced from.

Vegetable tanned leather, in contrast to chromium tanned, is also a bit unpredictable as through the use of organic material there is not the same uniformity of tanning. Furthermore, there is the slow, and beautiful, colour changing that occurs over time from use. Colours become deeper and richer with greater exposure to the elements which is an excellent depiction of a life lived fully.

Combine this with an Italian flair and there is truly some excitement to be found.

We believe this is fantastic because it represents the very essence and beauty of fashion which is human expression. And as I’m sure you’re aware, we humans tend to be a bit odd and our individuality is impossible to get rid of (even if some like to hide it).

What better way is there to express your soul then by choosing fashion that has the uniqueness, the living breath of humanity, woven into its very design? Every time you wear an Italian leather bag, let alone one that is vegetable tanned, you are revealing your own beautifully original self, full of gifts and talents that no one else on earth possesses.

No two bags are exactly the same, just like no two people.

This is why Italian leather bags are still more praised than others. They have touched into a core part of our humanity by refusing to embrace uniformity. That is a great and wonderful gift to the world.

As far as human expression is concerned, fashion is at the forefront of everything we do. Unless you choose not to wear anything, which in a way is its own expression, you will adorn yourself with something. 

What do those clothes, accessories, jewellery, say about you?

For an Avery Verse woman, we hope that it will say empowered and dignified. We yearn for that complete reconciliation of how a woman feels about herself and how it is expressed in her attire. 

So often, we have all experienced that sense that our outfit just isn’t right. There’s something missing that is under-expressing who we are or that isn’t quite getting across how we feel about the day. This is a saddening experience as you go through your day feeling incomplete, out of alignment, or just plain off. 

An Italian leather bag is such an antidote to this feeling because in it there’s the expression of self that can not be conformed to one ideal. It is a self that is complicated yet beautiful like the lush eco-system of a rainforest. 

This is your humanity expressed in a rich, voluminous manner and so we love it.


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