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The Luxury Bag To Rule All Luxury Bags

Okay, that’s a melodramatic title. 

In reality, our exclusive line of luxury vegetable tanned leather bags will just be one exceptional limited edition luxury bag. The planned retail price will be around the $5,000 AUD mark however there will only be five of these lovely bags ever made.

This is our response to exorbitant pricing amongst luxury bags. Most of that pricing is bogus and common sense (and Google) will reveal this fact. Right now, there are countless luxury brands that sell a bag at a ridiculous price with no difference between their entry level range and ultra luxurious other than the price. That is a disrespectful gesture to fans of their work in my opinion. 

At the same time, there is still room for a genuinely high priced luxury item. The only issue is how the price reflects the value.

For us, the best way to achieve this is with scarcity. If only five of these bags will ever be made then you will be getting the absolute best in quality materials, craftsmanship, design and supply. It would be a small miracle for you to arrive at a party and find someone else has the same bag. And this uniqueness allows the buyer the great honour of owning something rare. 

Furthermore, for those shoppers who love an investment bag, what could be a better investment than something with a high demand and limited supply? That'll just push the price up higher and higher.

Currently, we’re tossing up between a Tote and a Handbag design. This would be the first of an ongoing series of limited edition bags. We’d release them periodically and once sold, would never produce them again. 

Now as a business model, it doesn’t really work for our bottom line as we burn through a lot of Intellectual Property with all the designs we can never use again. You could make more money if you sold a hundred of these bags at a lower price, than five at a slightly higher rate. 

But, as a testimony to our brand, what could be better than releasing gorgeous bags at an honest luxury price? 

And in the age of fake news and a dense fog of uncertainty about what is truth and what is a lie, we can all appreciate some trustworthiness.

We've been delayed slightly from our planned Christmas release, however we are still on track for an early 2017 debut. It'll most likely be around April, but I won't overpromise and under deliver, so join our newsletter and you can stay in the know on all things Avery Verse - including our exclusive range. 

It'd also be great to hear your thoughts about an exclusive Tote bag vs an exclusive Handbag, so let us know opinions in the comments below.

Merry Christmas!


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