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The Queen of Leather Weekend Bags

Truly, there is nothing quite like the Industrial tote bag.

Royalty amongst paupers, it is a gorgeous leather weekend bag that can carry everything comfortably and still be astonishingly stylish while doing so. Born from a passion of Christie Cook’s to have a bag that was at once expressive of a wealthy lifestyle and yet practical and appropriate for the realities of life with a child. The Industrial is imbued with the feminine strength and grace under fire that she has and which so astounds men. 

The dark chocolate Italian leather is a brilliant statement to elegance without losing the wild felinity so often seen in the golden age of Hollywood, where femme fatales dominated film noir cinema with their vigour, allure and menace. Hence why it is a ‘Queen,’ with all the connotations of authority that comes with it.

You’re at the top of your game and you need a bag that will express where you stand.

The grunge adornments are a style feature to the Industrial that we’ve touched on previously, but we can’t get enough of the gold embellishment along the accentuating leather cross-thatched pattern. It so perfectly highlights sophistication and urbanisation in a beautiful contrast that speaks evocatively of the modern woman.

You are at once a 21st century lady, full of the convicting empowerment of your struggle, yet with the savoir faire of French aristocracy who understand how to play society’s game.

Who are we when we wear a luxury leather bag? Are we normal or are we extravagant? This is the power of an accessory that we love to elucidate in our articles, but beyond this there is the simple fact that we choose an accessory that speaks to us, rather than one that adds something superfluous to our being.

Are you a Queen? Then the Industrial is for you.

The beauty of fashion can be found in not chasing trends, but in searching for something that expresses what you know about yourself. 

An Avery Verse woman is empowered in all the breadth and depth of that statement and she understands her place in the world and in partnership with others. There’s no jealousy in her heart because she knows her strengths, her weaknesses and the immensity of her spirit. She is free to be what she chooses without the nonsense of a rebellious teenager trying to carve out a niche. 

The Queen of Leather Weekend Bags is not just a moniker for a tote bag with ample space, it is a statement of a woman who has a great, and full, life before her and one who must adopt attire to express this vastness.

If you’re reading this then you must be this woman. You would have clicked off the page by now if it weren’t true.

All of us at Avery Verse support you with becoming as magnificent as you were made to be.

And the Industrial tote bag is here to help too.

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