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The Tan Leather Bag: A True Friend

Of all the accessories that roam this Earth, offering joy and pleasure untold, is there any more embracing and comforting than a tan leather bag? 

The soft hues of the leather is rich yet with temperance and stability. The colour is inviting without being weak like a good friend who can help you through a difficult time. And yet, with all the practicality, strength and comfort that there is, we find a real elegance. 

The Country Lane is a cherished tote bag. 

Who can confront a busy day juggling a never-ending stream of demands and challenges, and yet still retain their cool? Strong leather detailing with gentle, precise stitching evokes the attitude of a woman that is both in command of and at ease with life and its surprises. Think of a river that can be at once calm and then savage in its intensity depending on the season.

Who can masterfully allocate space for both essentials and fun? With its dual phone pockets, zippered interior pocket and dividing insert you can truly segment and align the many facets of your day and the tools you’ll need for each experience. You needn't suffer misplaced-itis and be frantically searching your bag for what you're after.

I’ve called the tan leather bag a true friend because its approach is always inviting and supportive without being naive. I would say that this makes it an essential accessory. A must have alongside of your statement bag and little black dress.

We all have a life in front of us full of adventure and craziness. Sometimes there’s nothing we can do when confronted with a curve ball that throws us out. We sit before something unimaginable and wonder, 'who could have seen that coming!?' 'What do we do now?!'

There’s plenty of those events in store for everyone. But in all the uncertainty, there is a comfort in a stability that can help us breathe deep, find a bit of peace, and come up with a solution to life’s quandaries. A life lived fully is not possible without struggle, for in the fulfilment of victory over adversity we find a joy that cannot be matched. 

The Country Lane is like that friend who seeks to help you process a dilemma over a nice coffee, so that you can find the workaround that keeps you going, charging ever onward to a great and full life.

So, when the next great hurdle arises before you and all seems impossible, take a moment, go grab your tan leather bag, and get ready. There’s always a way through the wilderness, you just need a true friend by your side, like a travellers true north, guiding you home.


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