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The Urban Stroll: Luxury Leather Shoulder Bag


The name suggests a city girl at ease with her surrounds but let’s face it, this unassuming little bag could accompany anyone anywhere.  Let me explain; by far, the Urban Stroll in black works well as a casual day bag but also converts well to a bag for a night out - the office to dinner effect. 

Minimalism is the name of the game; this bag doesn’t have large clasps or detailed embellishments. The Urban Stroll won’t draw attention to itself, but it will draw attention to and complement the overall sophistication of your outfit.  

In my opinion, this bag is all about tranquil beauty. It works well with an ensemble of understated but tasteful choices. 

Need a more concrete example? 

Think the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) on her unofficial or more casual appearances. Low heels, a simple but beautifully cut dress and a well planted accessory or two.

The Plot Thickens 


The Urban Stroll (in chocolate and navy blue) are also amazing bags however they lend themselves more to the smart-casual daytime affair; those days when you know you want a casual, more relaxed look but you don’t want to feel sloppy or fear running into any pesky frenemies. 

This is where the Urban Stroll in these colours are just perfect.  

Let me give you an example; jeans and a t-shirt might be comfortable, but they make for a pretty bland look.  However, jeans, a t-shirt with the right pair of shoes, some eye-catching earrings and the Urban Stroll pass for simple elegance. 

When it comes to pulling off a distinguishing daytime look, successful fashion is all in the accessories. 

As with all Avery Verse bags, the Urban Stroll is made from eco-friendly, vegetable tanned leather so it doesn’t contain carcinogens and it is remarkably durable. Chances are you have no idea what vegetable tanned leather is, right? 

That’s because it’s the safest and best means of dying leather and only about 10% of the world’s leather is prepared this way. In short, this means that 90% of leather is prepared using chromium tanning (also known as mineral tanning) which has a detrimental effect on the health of leather producers and the environment. 

Chromium tanning is also a method commonly used on very cheap, low-quality leathers. Vegetable tanning takes several weeks to do successfully as it is soaked in large vats of water. This means that the leather has to be of a durable, high quality in order to be dyed successfully.

Another plus to vegetable tanning is that the colour of the leather becomes deeper and richer with time, rather than fading. 

I know, it’s a bummer that the fashion industry doesn’t tell you this stuff, if they did, they’d be forced to make some pretty big changes.  But now that you know about vegetable tanning, why accept a lower quality of leather?  

Here’s a good tip; if your leather bags feel ‘thin’ like vinyl and bends easily, the leather is pretty cheap. You’re a woman of distinction, so why buy a crap bag? 

Avery Verse; for lovers of quality and elegance, like the Urban Stroll.


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