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Why We Created Avery Verse

Avery Verse was born out of late nights, weekends and the sale of our family home. 

Now, why would someone sell their home to start a business?

Starting a business is a scary thing to do. Mostly, it’s a fear of failure that makes you worry. You don’t want to look stupid in front of friends and family who ‘love you’, but will also probably be a little judgemental. 

The other scary element is the loss of money. I mean, who in their right mind would want to risk hundreds of thousands of dollars? It’d be a lot easier financially to just keep the day job and focus on growing your savings with whatever interest rate you can get, right?

Well, yes that’s right, and no, that’s totally wrong. 

Avery Verse was born out of a passion to control our own destinies. 

Now, my wife Christie and I aren’t quite so arrogant that we actually believe we can literally control our destinies but we do believe in the sentiment behind the words. For instance, we didn’t want to be beholden to a boss who would decide if and when we could earn more money through a pay raise. While we take on board a great deal of risk in starting a business, we also open ourselves up to a greater degree of gain as the investment we make in Avery Verse pays off.

Avery Verse was born out of a passion for luxury.

Everyone likes nice things. But some people like nice things because they want to make up for something they lack. Instead, we like nice things because they possess greater permanency. Old utensils used by men and women from the early 20th century can still be used today. 


Because their quality was superior to what we mass produce in this day and age. As people and as a company, we’re in to the designs, craftsmanship and materials that can last generations. Incidentally, these products are often considered luxurious.

You get what you pay for is an accurate statement.

Avery Verse was born out of a passion for a life lived fully.

This is perhaps the most frustrating and enjoyable part of starting a business. On the one hand, you fail often. You make mistakes and you do lose money. And you’re overwhelmed by tax stuff. Accountants are great but you’ve still got to have an understanding of this behemoth we call Tax Code and that’s enough to slay the uninitiated.

On the other hand, you overcome challenges. You experience the thrill of success and the satisfaction of knowing that something you dreamed up has been brought to reality in spite of setbacks, disappointment and inconvenience. This is greatly pleasing because it is a creative expression of your identity.

For instance, on the home page you’ll see a frame around each of the bags. This was my idea that I ‘dreamed’ up and was at first nothing more than a badly drawn image in a notebook. Then it became a mock up by a graphic designer which was obsessed over until we had the colours and size of the frame right. Now it is live on our website for all to see and enjoy.

This same desire to express oneself is evident in all humans, though the medium through which the expression comes varies. Therefore, it is also very satisfying because I know I’m engaging in a favourite pastime of humankind for millennia. I’m leaving a mark.

And that experience then makes every day’s work so much more than just ‘work’. 

Avery Verse was born from these things, but it won’t be around in a few years if not for the new life that gets breathed in to it daily. This is where the pleasure of sharing the bags comes in. Every time we hear a good report from customers or strangers on the street we’re reminded that these bags are worth the risks we’ve taken. That it’s worth it to keep taking risks and to keep working to grow the company because we’re expressing ourselves and people are liking what we make. 

That’s priceless.

As such, Avery Verse lives on our energy but also on yours. So please leave a comment below with a few words about a bag that’s particularly caught your fancy. We’ll be ever so grateful.


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