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They say business is dog eat dog. That the battle for a dollar necessitates brute force and an aggressive personality. But does it have to be that way? One of our greatest challenges was addressing this idea in light of our win-win mantra. After all, one of those wins needs to be our own.

The answer that came to us however was a resounding NO!

Of course you can work hard to grow your business without having to slander the good name of your competition. Of course you can praise competitors without fear that it will damage your brand. Of course you can be kind and gracious to others even if they aren't to you. Of course you can be decent without being naive.

But how can we display this as a regular part of our company?


And so the Love Board was born!

A board dedicated to gorgeous leather bags. There you’ll see our favourite bags by Tory Burch and Coach, as well as brands like Noise Goods (to offer a shout out!). These businesses make beautiful bags and we love beautiful bags.

Why do you think we’re doing this?

For us, the best part of the job is scrolling through Pinterest, checking out new bag photos and pinning a few on the Love Board. There's an enormous wealth of bags out there and we are constantly inspired by those around us.

So to those who say business is dog eat dog, we say back to you, watch and learn!

To check out the Love Board, click here

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