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An Avery Verse Win-Win: Exclusivity

Value for money doesn’t come often in the luxury leather bag world. At Avery Verse we’ve avoided inflated prices and have sought genuine value luxury goods. And we’ve achieved it. 

But we wanted to go further. 

We wanted to provide a product that was beyond the norm both in terms of style and value. That was when we envisioned our exclusive line. A range of bags so rare that only five women in the world will ever be able to buy them.

The aim would be for opulence with practicality. They could be held up in gloved hands before a magnifying glass to study, or they could be slung over your shoulder as you race to catch a train. Either way, these are bags that one would feel a deep sense of honour and joy to hold.

The exclusive range will be out shortly (the rumour I hear is just in time for Christmas) but become an Avery Verse subscriber for regular updates and access to extra value including sneak peeks at all our new bags!

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