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An Avery Verse Win-Win: Price

The next consideration to us, after the environment, is the price of luxury goods.

We are amazed at what some people need to pay to buy quality. Our research has found that the luxury leather bag industry has seen its products increase 13% in price annually over the last five years! This is hard to fathom and, in our opinion, completely unsustainable.

The belief behind this madness is that a higher price offers the illusion of greater luxury. The key then to a luxury brand growing is to continue to have almost unattainable prices so people will "aspire," to these new heights. While this may be true to an extent, luxury should come from the quality of production and not the arbitrary choices of businesspeople.  

So in response to this, we set out to incorporate the best quality and craftsmanship into the bags as possible.

Firstly, every bag is hand made. When you hire artisans to create a bag there is a high input of time necessary to get everything right. This produces a superlative product that anyone would be proud to call their own.

Secondly, we use vegetable tanned leather. This process takes longer than other means to tan yet produces a product that can last several lifetimes. Besides this, there is the environmental considerations at play which in our opinion increases the value of any product as you know you can enjoy its luxury without guilt about its affect on the planet.

Finally, we have implemented strict guidelines on pricing. We offer the assurance that all our products will not be marked up just to look “luxurious”. Rather, we will create luxury that is accesible and aspirational.

You get the bag your heart desires at a price your wallet needs, we help countless women live lovely and the luxury goods industry can be reformed from the inside out.

That’s a win-win to us!

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