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An Avery Verse Win-Win: Social Change

When it came to designing the social modality for Avery Verse we knew immediately that something needed to be different from other companies who wish to help the world through business.

We weren't going to pick an organisation and devote our giving to them exclusively. Instead we would put aside time to assess where we could give to produce the biggest impact.

An example of this could be seen in Uganda. Poachers are a problem in their national parks as this illegal enterprise offers a type of employment which helps feed families and improve lifestyles. By investing in micro loans which encourage job development, one could reduce the desire to become a poacher as gainful (and safer) employment can be secured elsewhere. This would then improve the natural environment as animals would no longer need to be hunted.

This is an example of how investing in a totally different direction can have a positive impact on the environment. 

So, while 10% from the profits of every bag sold will go towards improving the environment, the approach to achieve this goal could be dramatically different to simply planting a tree. That one dollar to create jobs, is also a dollar towards environmental protection, and a dollar towards government taxes which improve the nation as a whole.

That’s impact! That’s a win-win!

Stay tuned for regular updates on our endeavours - right here on the Avery Verse blog page.

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