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Frequently Asked Questions

Avery Verse Leather Handbags

How is your leather environmentally friendly?

Vegetable tanning is a millennia old practice of using tree bark and other organic tannins to transform leather hide into a durable fabric. This practice avoids using harmful chemicals like chromium and so ensures that the manufacturers and the environment are kept safe. 10% from every sale will also go towards environmental iniatives to further improve our world.

How long will it take to get my bag?

Shipping typically takes between 6-10 business days to reach our customers on all standard orders. We do always ask you to allow up to 2 weeks for your order to arrive though. The vegetable tanning process is more time-consuming than chromium tanning and Avery Verse bags are hand crafted which means that our artisans devote more time to creating the bag. All of this extra effort produces a better result both for you and the environment, but it does take longer for us to achieve. Should there be any delay we will keep you updated.

How are the bags made?

Avery Verse bags are hand made by artisans in Shandong, China from a company called Moshi Leather. We use Italian vegetable tanned leather from Badalassi Carlo S.R.L. Some bags may have elements that require a machine to produce, however these are also then assembled by hand.

China! Aren't designer handbags made in Europe?

Many larger known brands have roots in Europe, but actually make their bags in Vietnam, Thailand, Phillipines, China and Cambodia to name a few locations. For the sake of integrity, we at Avery Verse are being transparent. This does not impact on the quality of the product or ethics behind the brand. In fact, our honesty is a testimony to our confidence in our bags and the people who make them.

What about unethical factories in Asia?

Our products are not produced in an outsourced, or unethical, factory. The artisans at Moshi Leather have standards in place to ensure this doesn't happen. This has been a problem for many other fashion labels in the past and it was one we were adamant about avoiding when determining which companies to work with.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we offer free international shipping to all our customers on both standard and custom orders as it has been factored in to the price.

Can I add, change or delete an order after purchase?

Unfortunately, once you've processed an order it is too late. So please be certain you're happy with the option before purchasing it.  Please see our returns policy should you need to return a purchase.

What credit cards can I use at the check out?

Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Diners Club cards can all be used at the check out. We do not apply any additional surcharge, yet are ourselves charged extra by American Express and Diners Club. This is deducted from our profit however we want to provide a great service for our clients, and personally, hate that surcharge when we're at the check out! So we chose not to pass it on.

Is it safe to use my credit card online?

Absolutely! All your credit card information is processed through a secure and encrypted data system. We use an Australian based company called eWay who are PCI DSS compliant and leaders in their field. Should you wish to make a purchase by another means instead, please contact us and we will happily work together to organise this.

Is my personal information secure?

Yes, we consider your personal information private and confidential. We do not share it with any third party besides those needed to complete a transaction.

Do I need to setup an account to make an order?

No, as all customers are able to check out as a guest, though we do recommend setting up an account after processing your order so you can stay in touch about our latest designs and special promotions.

I have a question about my order, who should I contact?

We're always here to help, so please send all enquiries about orders to  

How do I care for my bag?

Excellent question! Vegetable tanned leather can last several lifetimes if cared for properly. The best practice is to clean the bag with a damp, soft cloth and mild soap. Then air or sunbathe the bag for it to dry. This process will also create a lovely patina over time. It is not essential to use any leather care products however if you choose to, we recommend doing a spot test before cleaning the entire bag to ensure no damage occurs.

Do all bags come with a dust cover?

Absolutely! All Avery Verse bags come with a dust cover and are individually packaged in our signature boxes.  

How will I know my order has gone through?

Once your order has been received, you will receive an email confirming that it is underway.

How do I track my order?

A tracking number will be supplied along with your confirmation email once the order has been shipped. Go to My Account - Orders - and follow the prompts to use that tracking number to verify where your bag is at. If you're having trouble with this, please contact us at with your tracking number and we will assist you.

Who ships the bags?

We work with a fulfillment house called eFulfillment based in Michigan, USA. All our bags are sent there after being manufactured for warehousing and fulfillment of orders.

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

Yes, we ship to PO Boxes. 

Where are you located?

We have offices in Sydney, Australia & New York, USA.

What is your returns policy?

Our returns policy can be found here.

I'm thinking of buying an Avery Verse bag online. How do I know if it's genuine?

Avery Verse works with select luxury online marketplaces including, and If you are not buying your bag from these sites or from then you cannot be certain it is a genuine Avery Verse bag.

How often are new lines released?

Avery Verse aims for quality over quantity so we will release new lines when they are ready. If you'd like to be kept updated on developments, please subscribe to our newsletter. 

Burlee Australian Sheepskin Boots


Ugg boots are an Australian icon, and in Australia, the word "ugg" has been widely used to decribe sheepskin boots since the early 1960s. Genuine ugg boots are made in Australia, using double face sheepskin with fleece on the inside, tanned exterior and a rigid sole.


Yes! All our boots are made from A-Grade double face sheepskin and are the highest quality 100% Australian made Ugg boots available. There are many different Ugg brands in Australia but finding high quality Ugg boots can be tricky business. It is important to recognise the different qualities in sheepskin, workmanship, country of origin, and to always ensure that the Ugg boots you purchase are 100% made in Australia (and you can check the sew-in label to be sure).


No. We are not the only Ugg manufacturer in Australia, but there are only a handful of other manufacturers left in Australia, and an even smaller number who make their Ugg boots from start to finish in Australia. We are the only manufacturer on the Gold Coast. 

It is important to be discerning when purchasing Ugg boots in Australia, as most Australian companies are now having their uppers sewn in China, and then imported to Australia where the labels and soles are added, but still operate under the "Australian Made" banner. Always check the sew in label to ensure your Ugg boots are 100% made in Australia. 


Yes! UGG boots are designed to be worn both indoors and in the elements. However, it is important that your UGGs are protected as any water or oil that comes into contact with the suede will damage it. We highly recommend that you use a suede protector spray on your boots before use, which will allow the boots to repel water and keep them clean.This process should be repeated every six months.  As the boots are made from genuine sheepskin and suede leather, they can never be made entirely waterproof due to the natural characteristics of the wool. Therefore, our products should never be machine washed, submerged in water or worn in exceptionally wet conditions. Should your UGGs get excessively wet, allow them to dry naturally away from any sources of heart and brush with a suede sponge. 


While you can choose to wear your boots with socks, UGG boots were originally designed to be worn without socks. The natural fibers contained within the sheepskin, allow your feet to breathe and in actual fact, a key indicator of wearing genuine UGGs, is that they do not smell with consistent wear. This is due to the natural fibers found within the skin itself. However, as wearing socks is a personal preference, we recommend only wearing socks made of natural fibres such as wool or cotton, to ensure any synthetic materials do not damage the natural fibres within the wool/ 


Over time, sheepskin naturally compresses with consistent pressure. Moreover, we intentionally handcrafted our UGG boots with replaceable innersoles. This unique feature allows our valued customers to replenish the luxurious comfort of our boots when desired without having to purchase another pair. Replacing innersoles increases the longevity of the boots and optimises both comfort and warmth of the boots. 


Black UGG boots do inevitabely transfer colour due to the vivid shade of black sheepskin we use to handcrafted our boots. However, we use a natural coloured innersole within the boot to inhibit colour transfer to the sole of the foot. The boots should only transfer colour for the first few weeks of consistent wear before this issue ceases to exist. During this period, please be mindful of wearing lighter clothing that will be in contact with the skin as the colour will potentially transfer. 


Yes. We proudly stand behind the quality and workmanship of our UGG boots and we happily offer a 12 month manufacturer's warranty on each and every pair of UGG boots we sell. Please contact us with your receipt if you have had any difficulties with the quality or longevity (excluding general wear and tear) of your UGG boots within this period, and we will be pleased to assist you. 


Yes. As we handcraft each and every pair of UGG boots we sell from start to finish, we are able to offer repairs for most issues which can occur with UGG boots are years of wear. Please contact us at with details of the damage as well as clear photos and we will be more than happy to provide a quote for the repair.


In the unlikely event that you are unsatisfied with your purchase, we are pleased to offer you an exchange or credit note provided that the following conditions are met; 

-          Online items are to be returned within 30 days of the original purchase.

-          The original sales receipt is presented. 

-          Items are in original condition i.e. no indication of being worn, tags attached, and in original packaging. 

If these conditions are not met, unfortunately, we will not be able to exchange the items nor provide a credit note or refund unless the items are returned due to faulty workmanship. However, provided that the conditions are met upon examination of the goods, we will gladly offer you a credit note or exchange. 


If you have made a purchase with us online and wish to return an item or items, please notify our Customer Service representative at We will get back in contact with you in up to 2 business days. 

Please then return the goods to the Burlee Head Office at the following address;

                23 Christine Avenue, Miami QLD 4220 Australia.

Upon arrival at Head Office, your items will be examined by our quality control team to ensure they meet our strict exchange standards and we will contact you in relation to your return. If any items are not in original condition, they cannot be returned for a refund, exchange or credit note. Please note that we are not responsible for return postage costs and these charges will need to be paid upon return of your items.


Our sizing is unisex. Sizes are true to size for Australian women; however, men please take 1-2 sizes bigger than your usual size. Please note that sizing is generic, and does differ depending on the relevant style of UGG and shape of the foot.  It is important that your boots are initially very firm as sheepskin does stretch. With consistent wear, the wool moulds beautifully to your feet and will stretch approximately half a size. 


Every attempt is made to provide a true colour representation in our website's images; however, colour may vary slightly from those displayed on our website due to the natural characteristics of the sheepskin. Please note, colour representation is also dependent upon individual settings on your computer or mobile device.


All orders are handcrafted and despatched at our Gold Coast factory in Queensland, Australia.


If you change your mind or have made an error in your order, you must contact us immediately. We will make every attempt to assist you but if your order has already been received by our factory, we cannot alter or cancel your order. All purchases of sale items and custom made items are final and will not be refunded or exchanged.


All international orders are subject to taxes and duties as determined by the country of import. Custom's policies differ dependent on the relevant countries' laws and regulations surrounding tax and other economic influences. Unfortunately, we cannot predict whether you will incur any custom clearance fees; however, we can assure you that this issue occurs quite uncommonly. 

Yes. All deliveries can be tracked online via the relevant postal carrier's website. Tracking information will be emailed to you once your goods have been despatched from Head Office. Please note that international postage orders may be untrackable beyond Australian borders dependant on both the receiving postal company and the packages destined country. However, if an issue occurs, please contact the postal company your package was originally sent with, and provide them with your tracking number. 


Shipping fees are determined by the items you have purchased and your location, and will be calculated at the checkout.  Please note that shipping promotions cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotion. 


If you do not receive your order within the estimated time frame, please contact the relevant postal service with your tracking number. If the carrier is unable to locate your order, please contact us and we will lodge a claim on your behalf. 

I have a question that hasn't been answered here. What should I do?

We're happy to help! Please email and we will be in touch within 2 business days. 


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