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Luxury Handbag Rental

Would you like up to four luxury leather bags delivered to your house each year for less than the price of one

Avery Verse have created a new subscription model for our ladies bags and we’re inviting Australian and US customers to enjoy it first!

This trial is at a reduced rate, so join up today to enjoy timeless elegance at an amazing price.

Luxury Handbag Rental Range

Three Steps To A Luxury Handbag

Three Steps To A Luxury Handbag


I’m not in Australia but would love to rent your handbags, what can I do?

Please subscribe to our mailing list to stay updated. Currently, we are planning on expanding our rental option into New Zealand, the USA and the UK throughout 2018. If you can't wait, you can buy the luxury bag you like right now and have it delivered for free anywhere in the world.

How do I purchase a rental subscription?

Choose from our four bags a year and two bags a year options and select add to bag. You can then proceed through our check out as usual. A $50 bond is included in the rental price which will be refunded upon safe return of all luxury bags. Australian customers can also buy now, pay later by selecting Zippay at the check out.

Which bags are available to rent?

We’re currently offering five bag styles to rent. The Cafe Latte handbag in red and dark chocolate, the Avery tote bag in maroon and tan and the Journo shoulder bag in tan leather. You can visit our leather handbags page to learn more about each bag.

What happens after I purchase?

We will be in contact with you in up to two business days to confirm your preferences from the styles available to rent. While we cannot guarantee you’ll receive your preferences in the order you select, we aim to follow this as closely as possible. We will ship your luxury rental bag five business days after confirming preferences. We are unable to offer a refund for a change of mind, so please be certain before proceeding.

How are the bags delivered?

Each bag will be delivered in Avery Verse’s signature dust bag, stored securely in plastic and a padded postal envelope. This is to save you money as it will reduce the cost of shipping. All customers who buy at full price receive our bags in a designer Avery Verse box.

How do I return a bag?

You’ll be supplied with a return label to ship the bag back to us free of charge. All you’ll need to do is ensure you take good care of your rental bag and return it on time to avoid any additional fees. 

Will I be able to buy a bag I’m renting?

Yes, if you want to you can opt to pay for the bag at a reduced rate. Please contact us directly on and we’ll arrange this for you.

Can I get a discount?

Customers who return their bags on time and in good condition will be given a 10% discount on future rentals. We need honest, reliable customers to grow our rental offering and so we incentivise this. If customers follow the rules we can also lower our prices in the long run as costs incurred on our end will go down.

Is there any other way I can get a cheaper rental?

Yes! Tell your friends. As more customers join we're able to lower our prices, so spread the word and encourage others to sign up today.

What if bags are out of stock?

If there is a delay due to stock, you will be given the option of a refund up to the amount of your subscription remaining. If you’re happy to wait slightly longer though for our designer bags, you’ll be rewarded for your patience with a gift card that you can share with friends and family as well.

What if I damage a bag?

In this instance, customers will be charged for the replacement of a damaged bag. The cost will be the retail price of each bag, minus the $50 bond that has been paid, to ensure we are able to replace it. We highly recommend you take care of each bag you receive to avoid this. We will contact you directly regarding the damaged bag and charge your credit card.

What if I'm late to return a bag?

There is a late fee charged as this will cause problems for other customers who are waiting for their turn to use a bag. No one appreciates waiting for something that they've paid for only to discover they won't receive it on time. The late fee is $50 and will be taken from the bond or charged to your credit card if this isn't the first infraction. This system depends on people being honest and on time with their returns and so we do reserve the right to cancel a subscription if there is a history of late returns, damaged and lost bags.


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